Nuface Clinic Overview

Attractive face is an important part of our personality. Our face especially is the most important instrument of communication. People with an attractive face get a better opportunity to prove their abilities. Attractive appearance brings immense advantages, both in profession development as well as in the social and private sphere.


Our vision is to provide state of the art Dental Treatment and Cranio- maxillo-facial surgery of the highest quality to the regional and overseas guest. Our services, both in the area of aesthetic as well as in reconstructive facial surgery are always rendered with the basic idea of optimising cosmesis and functionality.


Dr. Parit Ladani is one of the leading Oral and Maxillo-Facial Plastic Surgeon of competence in the areas of facial surgery, jaw and oral surgery, reconstructive and malformation surgery in Mumbai. Our method of accomplishing these goals is to improve our patient's educational level and assist them with needed procedures in the oral and facial area. All of the procedures and advice given to our patients will be directed at improving their long term quality of life. Examples include better oral health, a more attractive smile or face, encouragement to live a healthy lifestyle, advice to reduce age-related illness, and anti-aging tips.


This vision will be carried out in an ethical manner with the patient's best interest always in highest consideration by Dr. Parit Ladani and his staff.


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